Apart from a module of specialized courses, the UCCHEI consists of several additional activities. Via those activities, the project focuses on a group of secondary school students and on the broader public as well.

lectures at selected partner Slovak secondary schools

The main aim of this activity is to deliver lectures on the topic of European integration for secondary school students. The lectures focus on the role of European integration in providing peace and stability in Europe. Besides providing a general overview of the given issue the goal of this activity is to promote the idea of European integration and the importance of responsible citizenship among secondary school students in Slovakia.

essay competition

The aim of an Essay Competition is to promote interest in the ideas and values of the European Union and to deepen awareness of the importance of active European citizenship and European identity. The competition is designed to help develop critical thinking and the ability of young people to formulate their own opinions and arguments.

roundtable debates and guest lectures

In each year of the duration of the project, we organize an event that will bring together senior stakeholders and the team members of the project for an engaged debate to provide a strong focus on specific topics of the project.

promo video 

The aim of this activity is to create a series of promo videos that will clearly and shortly explain the challenges of the Ukrainian crisis and the role of the EU. 

individual research initiatives

The research initiative focuses mainly on Europeanization as a concept and Europeanization of foreign and domestic policy as an important factor for the explanation of the changes in the energy policies of Ukraine. The objective of the research is to examine the impact of Europeanization on the energy policy of Ukraine.