The main objective of the research conducted by Martin Horemuz is to examine the impact of Europeanization on the energy policy of Ukraine. Martin published the findings of his longer-term research initiative devoted to the issue of the Ukrainian crisis in the peer-reviewed journal “Politicke vedy”. The aim of this article is to clarify the outcomes of the Ukrainian crisis and the conflict in eastern Ukraine on the energy policy of the Russian Federation. The article analyses not only the Russian energy policy from the point of view of direct ramifications of the Russian-Ukrainian energy relationships, but also focuses on the external agents and environment connected to the reaction of the international community in the form of sanctions imposed against Russia for the annexation of Crimea and support of pro-Russian separatists.

Horemuz, Martin. (2017) The Conflict in Ukraine and Its Impact on Russia´s Energy Policy. In: Politicke vedy. Vol. 20, No. 2, pp. 27-48. ISSN 1335-2741. (in English)